Lets take a look at the Navy Battlecruiser Line-Up

The Navy Battlecruisers were released on June 4th, 2015, and it’s coming up to their 2nd year anniversary, so in commemoration of that I would like to pen my thoughts on them.

The Navy Battlecruisers are seeing some limited use, the battlecruiser class in-itself is struggling to find room in the current metagame right now. I think Navy Battlecruisers don’t really represent enough value for money, T1 Battleships with insurance are significantly cheaper. Pirate Cruisers (Notably The Orthrus and Gila which are very powerful and widely considered to be overpowered) are not that much higher of a price point than the Navy BCs and in a lot of cases offer better options. Heavy Assault Cruisers also share a similar price point with Navy BCs and they again, offer better options in some cases.

I feel like reducing the LP cost in the Loyalty point store offers from 100k LP to 80K LP would probably do a lot of good in making these ships more attractive choices. Let’s take a look at the different navy BCs and how they are functioning.

Kill Stats for the Faction BCs in May 2015 as per zkillboard.com
Harbinger Navy Issue: (857)
Brutix Navy Issue: (737)
Hurricane Navy Issue: (690)
Drake Navy Issue: (115)

The Good: Harbinger Navy Issue, Brutix Navy Issue
The Bad: Hurricane Fleet Issue
The Ugly: Drake Navy Issue

Harbinger Navy Issue: Currently the most popular Navy BC, and it’s hard to argue why. 5 mid-slots on an Amarrian ship is something which is incredibly rare, only the Redeemer, Pilgrim, Curse and specific subsystem configurations of the Legion can obtain 5 mid slots. The MJD capability of the HNI, and the Laser Tracking Bonus all help to mould it into an incredibly versatile ship. A swiss army knife which has a large variety of functions If you’ve always wanted to do a Shield Nano Harbinger but couldn’t quite get it to work, this is for you, if you want mwd, mjd, injector, disruptor and web all on the same ship, while also having a tracking bonus, this is also for you, fantastic ship.

Brutix Navy Issue: This ship was revitalized and benefited from the Hull Tanking rigs so much. A ship which can have a huge buffer, while retaining a lot of DPS and mobility. The Tracking bonus on the Brutix Navy Issue is also a non-existent bonus on all other Hybrid Battlecruisers, giving it an unique selling point. The Brutix Navy Issue functions well in of itself.

Hurricane Navy Issue: The Hurricane Navy Issue doesn’t hang too far off the other 2 navy battlecruisers in terms of popularity, but a lot of players in the community consider it to be somewhat of a joke ‘pre-nerf cane’. The Utility High doesn’t really bring anywhere near the versatility that the Harbinger Fleet Issue has, and with tiericide seeing a lot of smaller ships capacitors buffed, the meta going much more kitey/long range, and nosferatu buffs, the double neut Cane just isn’t the monster it used to be anymore.

Drake Navy Issue: The Drake Navy Issue is one of the worst ships in the game, hands down. The damage from the DNI is terrible, it only has 8 effective launchers, the Drake has 9 effective with Kinetic and even that is bad compared to the standard set by the Orthrus’ 10 effective launchers, and the Cerberus’ 10 effective launchers with kinetic. The Caracal Navy Issue has identical DPS and Application to this ship, with double the mobility. The Drake Navy Issue is incredibly slow, has below average damage, outdamaged by pirate faction cruisers and HACs, it’s too slow to really make the missile velocity bonus matter. It also is the only BC in the game lacking a utility high, and the fitting on it is terrible. Want to know the biggest joke about the DNI? It has the exact same powergrid output as an Orthrus does! and it has to fit 3 more launchers, and those launchers need to be Heavy Assault or Heavy Missile instead of the easier to fit RLMLs if you want the application and projection bonus. A contender for one of the worst ships in the game. The Drake Navy Issue has the same Power-Grid output as a ship which needs to fit 3 less launchers, and often a lower-class of launchers at that!

The Orthrus is a balanced ship you guys... honest.

My Suggestions:

All BCs: Reduce the LP Offer from 100k LP to 80k LP in the factional warfare loyalty point stores.

Navy Hurricane
H: 7 (-1) 6 Turrets
M: 4
L: 7 (+1)
Bonuses: 10% to Medium Projectile Damage and 7.5% bonus to Medium Projectile Tracking.
Drone Bay and Bandwidth: 30m3 -> 40m3

I don’t think the 2nd utility high does a lot of good on the Hurricane Navy Issue, I think giving it a tracking bonus, and combining the damage bonuses into 1 bonus would do a whole load of good, combined with an extra low-slot. This will make the Hurricane a great Artillery Sniper with both the tracking and high alpha strike, none of the other Projectile BCs get a tracking bonus which provides the Navy Hurricane with an unique selling point. the 7th low-slot moves the Hurricane Navy towards either a more mobile traditional nano cane setup with room for more nanos, an extra gyro, or tracking enhancer. Or a better armor-tanked alternative, which could work very well given the high base HP, and provide different gameplay to the Shield bonused Sleipnir. It could function as a ‘Babby’s Loki’ in fleets. The extra 10m3 bandwidth is to make up for the slight DPS loss over the regular cane from the rate of fire bonus becoming straight damage.

Drake Navy Issue
H: 7 (-1) 6 Launchers (-2) [+1 effective launcher with bonus]
M: 6
L: 5 (+1)
Bonuses: 10% bonus to Heavy Assault and Heavy Missile Damage per level, 10% bonus to missile explosion velocity per level.
Drone Bay and Bandwidth: 25/25m3 -> 75/50m3.
PG: 900 -> 980.
Base Speed: 150m/s -> 160m/s

This new Drake Navy Issue gains an effective launcher over it’s predecessor, doing more damage, I swapped the explosion radius bonus to the Corax’s explosion velocity bonus because I think it’s a more applicable bonus to applying well to ships the same size with higher speed. The Drake Navy Issue also gains an utility high which it was missing, I also suggest giving it an extra low, which will allow it to have more fitting options or mobility. Giving the Drake a large drone bay and enough bandwidth to field 5x medium drones (with 5x light spares) would make it unique amongst other Caldari BCs, and differentiate itself more from the Orthrus, Cerberus and Tengu. Also giving it more all-in potential, as currently it gets outdamaged by all of those ships. Finally, I suggest bumping the speed a tiny bit.

Lets take a look at the Navy Battlecruiser Line-Up

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